Authentic Prospector Style Wall Tents

Our Wall Tents are beautiful, versatile and tough and are made with only the best and longest-lasting materials. These can easily be customized to your unique needs and preferences.  Our wall tents are:

  • Perfect as hunting tents;
  • The popular choice for a Luxurious suite for glamping;
  • Portable cookhouses for feeding crowds;
  • Just a comfortable 4-season getaway for the whole family.
  • We have standard sizes for all our wall tents which are based on the width of our raw canvas to eliminate waste and give you the best value for your dollar. If you require very specific dimensions, we are happy to accommodate them; just contact us.
  • Our wall tents are available in both our 10.6 oz and 13 oz canvas. 10.6 oz is a good lightweight grade which reduces cost and is perfect for occasional use. 13 oz is our heavy-duty grade, it lasts longer and withstands more rugged use.
  • All our wall tents can be customized to suit your needs. Different dimensions, styles of windows, doors, awnings, floor tarps, or whatever else you need is typically no problem. A few of our most popular options are listed below.

Custom Options

Mosquito Screen Fronts

To let the summer breeze in and keep the mosquitos out, our screen fronts are perfect. These close with a central zipper. They extend a bit beyond the bottom of the tent and are weighted down on the bottom to provide the best protection. When not in use, they roll up and tie away. Costs vary with the size of tent.


Zip-down/Roll-up doors

These 32” wide doors can be rolled up and buckled out of the way which makes tasks like bringing in gear or firewood easier. These can also have a second roll-up screen door installed to provide a nice mosquito-free breeze. Both the canvas and screen layers zip down to the bottom when closed. The canvas layer on its own is $100, the canvas and screen layers together cost $200.

Flies and Awnings

Keeping a fly over your wall tent will extend its life by taking the brunt of abuse from the elements. The most economical way to cover your tent is with a heavy-duty tarp from your local hardware store, these work well and are easily replaced. If you want something that looks beautiful and lets the light shine through, we make flies out of tent canvas or 6oz clear fire-retardant, UV stable woven polyethylene. These flies can be made to extend beyond your tent to provide an awning.


Our windows are made of tough mosquito screen with a canvas flap that seals closed with hook-and-loop and rolls up to buckle away when open.

Prospector Style Wall Tent

  • This is the most popular style of wall tent. It is perfect for remote base camps but can also be a very handsome glamping tent.


  • These tents hang from an external frame, typically made of lashed-together bush poles. Alternatively, it can be made into a very comfortable and elegant structure using a deck base and adding some extra care when building the frame. Throw in some appropriate furniture and décor to create a beautiful glamping space.


  • While the framework is entirely made by you, we are more than happy to provide correct measurements for your bush poles (free of charge)
  • Standard pricing listed below includes a zipper door, stove jack, heavy duty sod cloth, stake loops and quadruple reinforced stainless steel grommets along the eaves and ridge line.

Prospector Style Wall Tent Pricing

All prices are in Canadian funds and are subject to applicable taxes. Shipping is not included. A 50% minimum deposit is required to place an order, the balance is due before shipping.

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