Authentic Shaputuans, Sweat Lodges, Wigwams, Teaching Lodges and other custom work

For many years, Sewn Home has been producing a wide range of traditional ceremonial structures by blending classic indigenous architecture with modern materials and manufacturing styles. We strive to work with our clients to ensure their lodges are as safe and long-lasting as possible while meeting the needs of community. Shaputuans, Teaching Lodges, Wiigwams and Sweat Lodge covers have become our specialties. If your community or organization requires these lodges or others, we would love to hear from you!




Sweatlodge Covers

Please Note: Recently our Sweat Lodge canvas has been discontinued. We are currently working on securing a replacement which will be a tighter weave for better light-blocking properties (meaning fewer layers may be required). Please inquire for availability and pricing.

Our tarps are flat and circular so they will fit the contours of your lodge.

The diameter of the tarps should be at least the distance over the top of your lodge, from ground to ground, plus 2’.

We ensure the materials used in our sweat covers are free of chemical treatments.