Rugged and Beautiful Traditional symmetrical and leaned-back style tipis handcrafted of durable top-quality army duck canvas

All of our tipis are designed to be both rugged and beautiful. We use only the finest canvas on the market, producing tipis up to 30’ diameter in both symmetrical and leaned-back styles and in light and heavy-duty canvas options. We also provide custom options and accessories such as liners, ozans, ropes, lacing pins and ground pegs along with custom artwork painting. Sustainably Harvested Tipi Poles are also available seasonally, however on a limited basis.

From time to time, we will deliver and set up tipis. We love doing this!

Please contact us with as much notice as possible if you are interested.


Sewn Home makes tipis in both symmetrical and leaned-back styles.

The symmetrical style is the easiest to set up and is our most popular design. Leaned-back tipis are meant for withstanding long periods of hard west winds. For most forested regions, the symmetrical tipi is ideal, for the prairies or coastal locations, a leaned-back style may be better suited.

We make our tipis in both 10.6oz and 13oz canvas. 13oz is our most popular weight as it will last significantly longer.

All of our doorways are 6’ tall and 3’ wide; wide enough to be wheelchair accessible when the bottom is unpinned. Our door flaps accept 4’-5’ long poles to weigh down the door. Our doorways have rain shingles at the top which direct water away from the doorway so they will not drip whether the door is open or closed.

Lacing pin holes are heavily reinforced and come pre-slit.

All stress points are appropriately reinforced.

Setup instructions are included with your tipi and extra support is available via phone or internet.

Poles are best ordered well in advance as harvesting is not always possible, and once the trees are harvested and peeled, they need time to dry out and be treated. In perfect weather and road conditions, a set of poles can be shipped to you in less than two weeks. Orders between November and April may not be ready to ship until May or even June.

Using the best materials available and drawing on both time tested designs and decades of experience, we’ve designed our tipis with attention to detail, modern functionality and beauty in mind. Our goal is to provide you with a rugged, gorgeous structure for gatherings, all-season camping, cooking, ceremony, teaching and learning.


All prices are in Canadian funds and are subject to applicable taxes. Shipping is not included. A 50% minimum deposit is required to place an order, the balance is due before shipping.

Sustainably Harvested Tipi Poles

If you’re interested in having us supply poles for you, pricing information is below. Our tipi instructions also come with a guide to harvesting and processing your own poles. We harvest trees for our poles very selectively. Due to many factors outside of our control, the time it takes from ordering to receiving your poles can vary from 4 weeks to as long as 9 months. so please order as far in advance as possible to allow us time to harvest, process, treat and dry your poles. Our poles are typically black spruce. We sell tipi poles in 3 different stages: Green, rough peeled and finished. Poles are priced by the foot and the chart below gives information for each size of tipi. Green poles simply have the limbs taken off, you will need to do all the processing yourself, these are priced at $1.50/foot. Rough peeled poles have had 80% or more of their bark removed so they can be allowed to dry quickly, and all their knots and bumps have been removed, they will require some scraping, sanding and oiling if you wish. These are priced at $2.50/foot. Finished poles have been smoothed completely and treated with a coat of linseed oil, these are priced at $4.50/foot.

Rough Peeled

Tipi Liners for Added Comfort and Safety

If you are planning on having a fire in your tipi, sleeping in your tipi, or using your tipi in cold weather, you should absolutely have a liner. The main function of a liner is to add proper ventilation by creating an up-draught of air from the bottom of the tipi towards the smoke hole at the top. Not using a liner makes it difficult to control the temperature, causes smoke to linger inside, and makes access easy for any critters outside. If your tipi is only for display purposes, or for light-duty shelter with no heat source, you don’t necessarily need a liner. All our liners, even for 13oz tipis, are made of our 10.6oz canvas as they are not exposed to the elements. The bottoms of our liners are made of a heavy duty UV/mold/mildew resistant, fire retardant, polyethylene that acts as a sod cloth to seal the tipi.


Ozans are essentially ceilings which connect to the tipi around the top of the liner and are held up in the center by ropes tied to a higher point on the poles. They are meant to help keep the tipi warmer. If you intend on using your tipi as a dwelling in cold months of the year, ozans are highly recommended. (Note, ozans are essentially useless without a liner). An ozan can also make the inside of a tipi completely protected from rain including the area under the smoke hole, making your tipi more comfortable and versatile.

Ozans can be half or full sized; a full ozan is a circular ceiling with a large smoke hole, or stove jack in the middle, they are very effective but can be a considerable job to install. A half ozan is a semi-circle that covers half the tipi, it is less effective than a full ozan but much easier to install.


*For a stove jack instead of an opening on a full Ozan, add $75

Custom Artwork or Corporate Logo Painting for Tipis and Tents

Whether it’s your organization’s logo, a personal design or other artwork, we are happy to paint it on your tipi. We use a very high quality exterior grade acrylic product custom tinted to your required colours. We use a combination of stencil, freehand and projection to beautifully decorate your tipi. Pricing is based on the number of colours, the square footage and the intricacy of the design. 4’x4’ logos start at $160. Please send your design and how large you would like it and we can work out a price.

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Kindly note: Due to availability, orders with tipi poles may not be ready until Summer or Fall of 2024.

— David Lundberg, Sewn Home

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